Cici Cornell

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Guy Pinnix

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That nose has a slight issue. (it has a dent in the center, ahem, but it's not too major.) It's beyond repair (nothing a pudding default template couldn't fix, though) if you want to edit him some.

Default content:
I used Aikea-guinea's default tone, yet you can download the non-default version instead
Eyes by HystericalParoxysm
Default facial hair by Robokitty

Other custom content:
Freckles by Papercat
Hair (Shaggy Look) is from EA Store. I'm sure you can find it online for free, however. (I'm. pretty. sure.) He looks very weird without the all-consuming hair.

Alexander Sykes

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He started out as John Frusciante, but I couldn't get the resemblance close enough. I just threw a different name on him since he makes an interesting sim. (you think it looks a little like him, at least?)

Here's the guy he was somewhat modeled after (I used a different photo, so it might look off--plus, I changed lots of stuff. It's not spot-on):


Default facial fuzz by robokitty
Default eyes by HystericalParoxysm

Other custom content:
Brows by Subaxi
Hair at Simscave
Non-default skin by Aikea-guinea

Download him here.